Jumping on the bed

One little monkey jumping on the bed
One fell off and bumped his head.
Momma called the doctor and the doctor said,
“No more monkeys jumping on the bed!”

Well it’s not quite like that.

In order:

1) I sat on the bed (for about a month!) keeping warm and cosy while doing my other things; it seemed cost-effective and comfy since I didn’t turn the heater on and I have a lush memory foam mattress!

2) My head started hurting bad with a cervical migraine and wouldn’t go away with my usual Nurofen/Panadol treatment

3) I went to a masseur

4) He explained that my neck and back stiffness and migraine were due to excessive sitting

Bummer! My husband was right. Although he was talking mostly about it being bad for the mattress! Rather than me. Turns out it’s bad for both of us! So he wins anyway.

Ah well, that’s the end of that.

It’s probably for the best. If I have to get out of bed I’m more likely to take a shower and get dressed. More likely to think about going out, more likely to get something accomplished that I’m proud of or enjoyed.

So I’m back to sitting at the old study desk. Old friend. I’ve studied away at this desk for 6 of the past 9 years and used it in between for my Ebay adventures, for my viewing device and other bits and pieces. It came to me as a recycled solid desk with 3 large drawers and a ledge at the back to stop pens etc falling over the back. In my third year of uni my now-hubby surprised me with a two tiered shelf that attached onto the top; what a great guy!!

I thought I didn’t need it anymore so was going to get rid of it. I think I still will, but I need to find a writing table now if I’m going to have to sit up out of bed every time I want to use my laptop. I think this is going to be better for my posture; I was starting to get a bit slump-shouldered as well as porky!!

Plus it’ll be better for my tight gluts, my scurved sway back and the awful tight ligament behind my right shoulder blade that send evil omens straight up my neck through my head and into of my eye socket!!

Here’s to finding out what’s going wrong, and wanting to make it right!

So from now on, I get up showered and dressed every day, I sit at my desk as though I’m at work and I hope my spine and muscles will forgive me for the damage I’ve accidentally done them.