Capital City Trail

Google+ has kindly written this one in photos for me! Who am I to look a gift horse in the mouth?

I met a large group of Wheel Women at 9am this last Saturday to do the entire loop of the city that is the Capital City Trail. This is a really interesting ride which goes by North Melbourne, heads straight through Docklands and South Bank, along the pretty Yarra to Burnley where we stopped to revive a bit, before going on through the Children’s Farm at Collingwood, around Yarra Boulevard in Kew then home along the Merri Creek to where we started.

In total we rode about 30 km which is a distance I’ve done a few times now and survived in reasonable shape. But this ride was tough! I believe it was described as “undulating” but me and me legs beg to differ. We prefer the term hilly! Of course a very cold start and heading straight into the undulations for several kilometers made it feel like my legs weren’t really working properly! I was pretty glad to arrive at the back of Docklands! The flat ride through to Alexandra Gardens was very acceptable.

Several people commented about how you can’t always ride on the flat, that you have to have hills, that it’s satisfying to conquer hills. We, my legs and I again prefer to have an opposing way of thinking: I could perfectly well be satisfied riding on the flat all day, taking in the scenery. Although I have noticed that I’m feeling the hills a bit less than at the start, I still don’t love them by any means.

So, I’ll leave it at that and you’re welcome to check out the link to view some of the photos I took. There’s the glorious sunshine, the pretty river and wattle trees, the Kanteen Cafe with bikes hanging everywhere and pretty cups, the original Skipping Girl illuminated sign in Burnley and a few other bits and pieces.

Sorry about missing my Monday post this week, but I have an exciting Wednesday coming up that I hope you’ll enjoy đŸ™‚


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