Freaky Friday

This is a bit of a nothing post.

It’s a crazy thing that happened to me the other day.

I guess it’s not that crazy, but still. It counts as one of those, You’ll never believe what just happened to me, stories.

It’s about dry cleaning. Exciting stuff.

I don’t get things dry cleaned unless they truly cannot be washed or are really precious/irreplaceable.

But I changed over the bed sheets the other day and decided to change the doona as well, seeing as we do have a heavier winter one. The summer one was a bit discoloured all over and had to be dry cleaned so I set out to drop it off to the dry cleaners.

To understand why this story is freaky, I have to explain that the doona travelled around in the car with me for about a week until my husband threw it out and it came back inside. There were several days that I could have gone to the dry cleaner.

Then one day I got as far as the supermarket, did my groceries, then looked at the doona and thought, it looks fine, I don’t need it cleaned after all. Unfortunately that was the light in the store!

So, the next week, I finally got to the dry cleaners! We’re up to about week three now.

So any number of days I could have gone, or I could have not gone at all. And despite the high density population there is only one easily accessible dry cleaners in Box Hill. So there was only one place to go.

This narrowed the chances a bit.

For what?

I was standing at the counter waiting for the lady to write me a ticket.

I was looking around inside the dry cleaners while I waited and saw a dress. Wow, what are the chances, I have that dress! I said to myself in my head. And there it is on the front of the rack. Remember how I bought the last one left in my siza, and had to go to Flinders Street DFO to get it? Remember how I bought it 2 days before that wedding, to match my new bargain price red suede shoes? Good memories.

Still standing waiting. A bit bored, a bit ready to go already. Brain ticking away. Funny about that dress, I’ll have to tell hubby, what a coincidence that it was on the front of the rack when I came by.

Tick, tock, tick, tock. I wonder where I put that dress? I haven’t worn it since, I don’t think. I’m not sure that it still fits, come to think of it. Did I put it with the other non fitting clothes down the end of my wardrobe? Can’t remember, to be honest.

Tick, tock, tick, tick. What is going on? Oh she wants my mobile number. Here it is. Hmm. Now that I think about it, it was really hot at that wedding and my dress was silk. I’m pretty sure I had it dry cleaned. It must be down the end of my wardrobe in a bag. I should tell the lady that I have that exact dress, she’ll get a kick out of that!

Tick. Tock. Hang on a second! Is that my dress?? I can’t remember picking it up! I can’t think of where it is in my whole wardrobe…could that be my dress??

Excuse me, do you mind checking if that is my dress? I have one exactly the same.

Sure, no worries. Actually yes, it’s for you! How did you know?

Well I saw it there and it just occurred to me that I never picked it up!

Yes it’s for you, you brought it in last November, 2014!!

What?? Really? How did I forget to pick it up?? Thank you so much!!

Weird, right? Forgetting is one thing, leaving it at the dry cleaners is one thing. Having them not call me to remind me to collect is one thing, as is them not having thrown it out by now!

But to have it on the front of the rack, one of only two front positions at the date and time that I brought an item that had been ummed and ahhed about so much, just was incredible! If I hadn’t asked that lady on a whim, I might easily have gone away and not collected my dress for another…however long!!

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