Danika 1

The photos have come through from the Bass Coast Challenge bike ride we did on the 14th November! You may have to squint to see me in this one, but I’m there, trust me.

Danika 2

I’m excited! Normally when you do a ride you’re too busy riding to take photos, and have to exist on memories, but I do like photos. If you hadn’t noticed, you know, from all the photos I take, and post, and talk about!


Well, except for our Wheel Women rides…the wonderful Tina has perfected the fine art of riding one handed while taking pretty great backwards photos of the rest of us behind her. Which I love; it’s good to have an undeniable proof photo that I did in fact do that ride!

Danika 4

So here’s a few photos from the start line.

Me and Zoe

Here’s one with Zoe from the coast around Cape Patterson on the last quarter of the ride.

Chester 8

Here’s a couple of Chester. Here’s him riding up Mount Misery! Misery, really? How is that encouraging in any way? A mountain of Misery? Glad I picked the 40km without it!

Chester 4

And here’s him blasting out of the starting shots. Of course it goes without saying that all of these photos were taken by volunteers with the ride, not me. I mean this one was taken at 8am! For serious! I was still in bed getting my beauty sleep for my own riding haha.










One of the most important things you should know about bike rides: it hasn’t happened unless you’ve stopped to take photos and you’ve uploaded those photos to Instagram, so that when you upload your ride to Strava the photos show up! Proof. Can’t talk to him, until Instagram and Strava duties are complete!

And a couple extra ocean shots.


This is the view from the driveway where we stayed for the weekend of the ride. My first few pedals were towards that magnificent sight.


Oh really. It’s almost a crime to not stop and watch.

Thanks for watching! 🙂


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