Canberra Day Seven

Well today is going to be an unusual day, because I haven’t taken a single shot! I realised this a short time ago; what’s a photo challenge without a single photo? But I’m not going to go and take one just to make it up. It was just one of those days. Even though I knew the weather was going to be great, and it was, I didn’t wake up til 9am and even then I was a bit fuzzy from dreams all night about finding rare birds, and being sent off to boarding school, and goodness knows what other rubbish! It really is tiring, and annoying.

Anyway, I was up and having breakfast when hubby got back from his 100km bunch ride so we’re even, right? Should have gone for my own ride straight away, but I didn’t and it ended up not happening. I spent some of the morning sorting out my many brochures and thinking up ideas for next week. What happened with the rest of the day? Nothing that I’d planned, but that’s plans for you; ironic since I spent the morning making more. Hubby is having “memory lapses” where he forgets whole recent conversations and so our lunch plans didn’t eventuate, because it was too sudden…even though we just talked about it. Between the two of us our memory is shocking! We did have a cafe lunch out in Belconnen over from Lake Ginninderra after checking out a local bike shop, and after cutesie gift shopping in Yarralumla. Then a nap that took out a couple of hours, and no bike ride sadly, but I actually wasn’t up for it. Next week. Burgers for tea, as always a fun chat with our lovely hosts and time for tea really.

Til tomorrow!

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