Canberra Day Twenty One

When a day ends like this, how can you remember any bad that came before it?


It’s a long weekend. Yep, another one. Labour day I think. We’ve had ours, Victorians, in March. But hey I’m happy to have it again! So we hit the road to go away again at lunchtime, much the same as last weekend. We were happy to be heading out of Canberra where it was going to (maybe) reach a max of 12 degrees, was drizzling and the wind was chilling!

The morning was spent packing and getting a few jobs done then we got on the road and had lunch along the way at pretty little Bungendore where we ran into a show and shine car and bike show packing out the whole town! We had to shout our pie orders over a fair few people to the harassed lady behind the counter! Some really nicely restored classic cars there and a good band, would’ve been nice if we didn’t have other plans. But we’d organized to meet a friend at Narooma and we were looking forward to that! So bookmark for another weekend. Also bookmark Mojo, and that other town, Braid something.

We arrived by 4pm to an almost booked out town! School holidays, public holiday; accommodation mayhem! What a town! Beautiful bridge, and inlet, and beach. Lovely green grass and hills leading into it. And the weather! Only 3 hours from Canberra but 22 degrees, sunny with hardly a cloud and just delicious to be outside! We stowed our stuff, chilled for a bit, went and checked out beautiful Wagonga Inlet and just sat by the edge of the water and watched the sunset (we don’t do these kinds of things nearly often enough!), ordered takeaway fish and chips from THE ONLY fish and chips takeaway joint in town…REALLY, in a seaside town with the best seafood in ages…waited 30 minutes but it was worth it. Chilled some more, now changing our times for daylight savings and that’s today!

A pretty good one!