Canberra Day Thirty Five

[Saturday 15th October, 2016]

Today was another great day. Again not all of it, but great moments that if remembered and appreciated give an impression that the entire day was a positive experience. I’ve been trying to get back on my bike for a bit. Yesterday was a success riding wise with a 9km ride around Braddon and surrounds in the sunshine, and so we were happy to accept the invitation of a friend to join a friendly bike ride around Lake Burley Griffin they were doing this morning. We weren’t sure exactly if it was just the two of us invited, or some others also so we went with an open mind…fortunate since about twenty other people arrived!! But the more the merrier, and off we all went together. Of course it soon split into groups with hubby and I not in the same group but I was in my zone, riding my bike and loving it so it didn’t matter that I was with people I’d never met, I just rode my ride (and kept up with the boys!) and loved the brilliant beautiful weather and had a ball. Of course I was blitzing it around the flat 9km and really impressed with my speed and keeping up but that was before I realised that we weren’t only doing the 9km! Oops a bit. So I’ve been meaning to do the full 28km of Lake Burley Griffin for a while, it was the next step in my training plan before it started raining, then winding, then can’t-be-bothered-ing! It’s what I got back on my bike for yesterday to get back on track, just not what I thought I was getting on my bike for today! But it was, and I did it. More from not wanting to give up, plus wanting to actually do this thing and get it done, and because I was keeping up with the boys! You know me, not Mrs Competitive! So I think until a situation like this arises. So…I did it. I kept going. I was slow on the hills and the boys stopped and waited for me then to reward them I flew down the hill ahead of them killing it to them bottom! But I kept going and I did it. It wasn’t comfortable at times, I chose sports leggings over knicks since I was going with people who didn’t ride much! Wouldn’t want to sell yourself too high and all that…dom dom dooommm!! Bad decision. Lesson learned. But I did it. I did that ride I was gonna do, thanks to friendly competition and support, and a group of lovely people. Having lunch afterwards to get to know some of them was a delight, sitting in the gorgeous sunshine, blue skies and brisk breeze.

Unfortunately it put paid to my plan of listening to the Gininnderra Wind Orchestra at Tulip Top Gardens out at Bywong, but I have seen my fair share of tulips lately and I’ll try to find the band performing elsewhere. I so wanted to drive out there after lunch, but I just couldn’t, I was way tired physically and needed that nap! By the way, when I say nap, I generally mean 2 hours! Nothing else seems to work!

So by the time that was over it was time for groceries, dinner, some chillaxing on the couch and time for bed! I’m going to sleep well!

But for all that I don’t have a single photo: I was too busy riding or lunching or sleeping! Sorry! So as a header image I’ve picked a photo from a slower, more photographic bike ride around the lake, as a token.

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