Canberra Day Forty Two

Saturday 22nd October, 2016

Today is all about my husband. It’s his birthday today and it’s the weekend! I don’t remember that happening before, although I guess it must have. We’re celebrating in a big way tonight at Piallago Estate Farmhouse Restaurant with a 6 course chef’s special surprise degustation! It’s going to be fantastic and we’re looking forward to that. In the meantime, how to spend the day? With a big long sleep in to start with. We’ve both been staying up later than suits the time we need to be wake up, including last night so time to “catch up”. That was nice. Usually hubby is off on a 5.30am start bike ride before I’m conscious on a Saturday so sleeping in and waking up together is a luxury really. It already feels like a holiday! Regretably I’m pretty dozy from late tablets and I’m struggling to even get my eyes open and talk when sitting still. So back to bed for a quick nap to get with the program. A little fun present: a T shirt with a saying something like “yes I ride 100 miles, no my bottom is fine, yes I know you don’t even drive 100 miles, no I’m not crazy!”.

What does hubby want to do with his birthday? A bike ride; how about that? But with a difference, a mountain bike ride, which he hasn’t done since we’ve been up here. Have to justify living with a mountain bike inside a one bedroom apartment somehow! We’d talked about going further afield to do this so out we headed to Queanbeyan, doing him off at the Jerrabomberra Mountain bike park, and heading around to the lookout myself. As has happened a few times here in Canberra, Google maps tells me that I can drive to the lookout but actually there is a locked gate 2.5km before and a steepish climb to the top! I’m sure the view is gorgeous but we’ve only got a couple of hours so I park and start listening for birds. I don’t get far with that before I’m distracted by orchids! I find 4 different types sprinkled around the area before my battery goes flat and hubby is ready to leave simultaneously. Somewhere to head back to though! 

So afternoon nap, get ready to go out and a sublime evening of food and drink and atmosphere and thorough enjoyment! Lucky we booked early at 6.30pm…we didn’t walk out until 10pm!! It did not feel that late, or like it had been that long! We hadn’t told the restaurant it was hubby’s birthday, but the next table had told them it was her birthday. They didn’t realise it was hubby’s birthday either but because they were full they gave us the bonus petit four that they were given: macaroon, chocolate truffles, marshmallow cigarettes! So we got the birthday treat after all. Our favorite dish out of the six? Absolutely the cured salmon that truly melted in your mouth, with caviar and creme fraiche and fennel. A close second with crispy skinned duck and of course the Sydney rock oysters were divine; another half dozen would have been excellent! But you don’t want to fill up too soon. Home to bed on comfortable stomachs; it’s a real art how they fill you without over filling you!