Canberra Day Forty Three 

Sunday 23rd October, 2016

Well if you don’t know by now, it’s my birthday! On the weekend! YAY! I don’t make a big fuss for my birthday, but it is today so that’s that. And yep, hubby’s was yesterday. Somehow it just worked out that way. I know 5 other people who also have their today, a couple I just found out about yesterday or today; how’s that?! 5 other people! So we didn’t have a big celebration today, dinner last night was equal parts hubby’s birthday and my birthday treat. So our usual quiet morning, hubby made me lunch, our usual nap and meeting scenario then I left with a girlfriend to visit her down south for a couple of days. A beautiful scenic drive down to Yass, a town with lovely old buildings, and tea with her cousins, and friends of our family. Lots of birthday texts and messages which I’m very grateful for. And then how about this? We arrived at my girlfriend’s mum’s house were she lives, and the sweet mum had made me a birthday cake with candles and all! So three of them sung my happy birthday! What a moment. How lovely. And it was a delicious soft moist chocolate mud cake; anyone for cake for breakfast?