Canberra Day Forty Five

Tuesday 25th October, 2016

Today was a travelling day, from Wagga Wagga back home to Canberra. I’ve sort of gotten used to calling Canberra home now, possibly to the alarm of some people! Don’t worry, we’re not necessarily settling in for life but you have to be able to feel like some place is home. So I slept passed the time that the rest of the house had to leave this morning but I imagine it would have been a morning dash anyway. So I had a slow morning getting my stuff together and clearing out. Months ago I’d printed out a list of places to check out in Wagga for birds, so I had a look and decided on Willans Hill. Unfortunately the summit was blocked off with roadworks or something, but I drove the back road as far as I could get and had a fun time anyway with 3 birds I’ve only seen outside Victoria. There were gorgeous bush flowers including yellow paper daisies, some bulbs that are probably strays, some teeny tiny purple star flowers, another teeny flower popping out of a big bulb, some Salvation Jane/Patterson’s Curse, and a bunch of tiny blue flat flowers. I wish I knew them all, but birds are really more my thing. Eventually I’ll get them up on my website, and I might get names by then; I’ll let you know.


There were a couple of other options but I was sort of mentally home bound by then. I’ve been having a bit of anxiety lately, and once I get thinking about any kind of a deadline I start to get antsy and can’t sit around doing anything else and just have to get going towards my target! I’m working on it, but today it meant hurry up down the highway. I did make a stop off at Gundagai for lunch which was lovely, such an old fashioned town still. Then home for a nap, dinner out with hubby for fresh Vietnamese and a relaxing night in. And realisation: its day forty five! That’s halfway to ninety!! Yikes! Dunno if I’m ready for that!