Canberra Day 68

[Friday November 18th]

Another day, another adventure, this time to the National Portrait Gallery. I only knew about this from driving past, and I’m so glad I went! I happened to arrive just as a walking tour of the main exhibit was setting out, and it was so much more interesting to go with a guide and learn more about the painters and styles and paintings from her. I highly recommend the Popular Pets Show that is on at the moment, a fabulous collection that has been worked on for many years apparently, and well worth the effort. The variety of really truly different artistic styles was amazing to me! It’s fascinating how differently a dog can be painted by roughly 15 different artists, and still have so much appeal in each style whether it be for accuracy or character or the dog just leaping off the page almost in real life. Incredible! I did a quick run through a couple of other galleries too and loved the portrait of Princess Mary of course! Unfortunately I was a couple of hours too early for the Undercurrent Design Christmas market they were holding that night with artist stalls; better luck next time. It looked like there would be some beautiful things and a nice festival alongside it. But I was a bit tired to hang around.


You can’t see the fine detail that I love about these paintings, but they are watercolours and the artist “floods” them and it makes the most interesting patterns!


I had a lovely drive around the Kingston foreshore before the portrait gallery. It really is beautiful and they’ve done a great job of fancying up the whole area, especially the promenade with fancy food places and waterfront apartments and a new island housing development; fancy, except apparently it’s sinking at a rate of 40cm a year due to the weight of construction! Oops! There’s a new park, Norgrove Park, that’s been put in with all the development so I checked that out for birds and for a new area, its pretty good. I got 10 species in 10 minutes and that included baby Moorhens and baby Swamphens!! For thos birds to breed right there in the middle of all the houses and developments says a great deal for the design of the pond and park and wetland areas. It’s only small but very nice. Then I got a real bonus surprise. I’ve heard about the Old Bus Depot markets and that they’re a must do, but they’re on Sunday when we aren’t available. BUT…as I was driving around I found a sign for a special Friday Foodies and Farmers market!! The sign said starting at 3pm which gave me just the right amount of time for the portrait gallery then the market. It wasn’t in the old depot like usual but arranged in a circle just outside and there was everything! Canberra made spirits, wine and beer, cheese, pate and flavoured oils, all kinds of fruit, veg, meat and seafood, filled donuts, gyoza, hot food and the list goes on! Add live music and a beautiful day? I hope it was a real hit!

And then after a late afternoon nap, to top off the day, a visit by hubby’s brother and sister-in-law who we lived with for the first month. We walked down to the food truck park in Lonsdale Street, Braddon and had a lovely time over dinner. A walk home, hanging out on the couch at home and doesn’t that just make for the perfect end to a lovely day.