Canberra Day 74

[Thursday 24th November, 2016]

What no one tells you about bad stomach cramps is that they make sitting on a bike rather uncomfortable. I don’t know why but the tensed muscles hurt when they are sat on. Anyway, moving on. The point is that its taken me from Saturday to get back on my bike and go for a ride. I finally got out today and did the opposite end of Lake Burley Griffin to Saturday. I rode down through the Australian University to the hilly circuit around the lake past Black Mountain, the Arboretum, old Government House, the yacht club and the peace garden then back over the bridge to home. Another 22km into my legs. Now to keep it up. So a change of clothes then down to the parliamentary triangle to check out some rose gardens that I noticed when driving past yesterday. They are opposite Old Parliament House and next to the Aboriginal “tent embassy”. The gardens don’t have a name, I’m not sure who they belong to, but they are beautiful and I spent a lovely hour taking photos, enjoying the beautiful blooms and appreciating nature. Then a quick drink and off to Beaver Galleries for a look around at the art works and lunch in the cafe. When I saw the Popular Pets Show at the National Portrait Gallery, the guide told us that one of the artists I liked the most was also showing at Beaver Galleries so I made a note to check it out. And I’m so glad that I did, I just love her style! She has a beautiful way of depicting animals that just makes you love her work! After that I was off home to jam in a quick nap before my next event, a sightseeing boat cruise on Lake Burley Griffin; I’m really packing it in today!


The cruise left from the yacht club which is so lovely, and there were a bunch of school kids taking lessons and training in different kinds of sail boats, dragon boats, canoes/kayaks, and I don’t know what else. Essentially we cruised the central loop of the bike trail but on the water, and the commentary was really interesting about the different buildings, monuments, and specific Canberra sights. It was a lovely afternoon and lovely to spend it on the water. Definitely a recommendation.

Then just a bunch of housework to finish off the day: a load of dishes, a load of washing, fold the dry washing, put bins out, the boring but necessary stuff. And another day done!


[Wednesday 23rd November, 2016]

I didn’t get out and about today, a bit of a catching up day sitting on the couch. I repacked my weekly medicine box and was surprised to find that I’d run out of one of my tablets. Well capsules actually but you know what I mean. I’d carefully checked all of my scripts before I left Melbourne to make sure that I had enough repeats until I got home, but must have slipped up somewhere. I didn’t want to have to get a new GP up here; I like my doctors in Melbourne and having to explain the whole story over again to a new doctor up here didn’t fill me with joy! But now I had to make an appointment with a new doctor and sort that out. And then, bonus! I got the script dispensed at the lovely Capital Chemist in Dickson and I reached the calendar year safety net amount of $1474! Now instead of the cost of my scripts being capped at the general price of $38.30, every script dispensed til the end of the year that is subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) will be capped at $6.30! That’s going to make a big difference.

Then some groceries, some blogging, a load of washing, a load of dishes and some Facebook posting of my bird photos as well as asking for help with some ID questions from our NZ trip and from Canberra. It’s brilliant having these Facebook groups; the people are so experienced and helpful, and they always sort me out. On the down side they are private so the rest of you don’t get to see the photos. And that was about it for the day! The study meeting and the day was done.

Canberra Day 72

[Tuesday 22nd November, 2016] Another hot, dry day

Another not so great day physical health wise, but I tried. I got out there and did some stuff, and it ended up not such a bad day despite bad cramps and nausea; the digestive system is so cranky at times! So I ate some things that I should never eat…how does it know?? It’s so sensitive! Okay fine, so time to get back to to eating things that don’t make my insides explode. First of all, back to the botanic gardens for the daily 1 hour guided walking tour that I missed yesterday and it turns out I was the only one there so a personal tour of the gardens! How’s that? The volunteer was a really sweet lady and we had a fun time checking out all the areas I missed yesterday. Like all the rest of the gardens. And it was fascinating! A gum tree lawn, a rock garden, the red centre, the banksia garden and more that I’ve forgotten by now. And all with commentary which makes it so interesting. Around any water, and laying around all over the place outside of the rainforest actually, were water dragons which was a lot of fun. They are pretty much statues but I haven’t seen them before so its all new. It was a hot morning so I could appreciate the red centre! And so I spent a lovely hour wandering around the gardens with the guide learning such fascinating bits and bobs. Then I checked out the shop on the way out…not the best idea. A photo book of Canberra by Steve Parish, a bush flower guide, some bird magnets by talented artist Jeremy Boots…I think that was all.

I’ve been meaning to do the CSIRO discovery centre and keep putting it off for some reason…so I decided finally to just bite the bullet and go regardless of how I’m feeling, even if I’m not having the best day, just to go, see how it is, just make the best of whatever there is and have done with it so its not weighing on me anymore. It’s just gotten to that point! Luckily I got there just as a huge group of school kids left! So I had the whole place literally to myself, not even anyone at the desk. So I worked through the exhibits that were interesting, skipped the ones that weren’t that interesting and before I knew it I’d done the CSIRO centre, and it was interesting, and the whole stress was done. YAY! Then a well deserved nap. Then sorting out my new laptop, yet another attempt to get our mail delivered to the correct address and getting some assistance from fellow Facebook birders to ID some of the birds I’ve been photographing.

Finally hubby has been working super big days to try to get his part of the project done since they aren’t extending the deadline. So far it was 7pm and he wasn’t coming home so may as well make the most of the lovely evening and head to one of the bush walks I haven’t done yet: Black Mountain “Orchid Track”. I got there at 7.30pm and kept going till I couldn’t see, and my battery was threatening to go flat! Unfortunately I’ve missed the orchids. If I’d done it when we first got to Canberra I should have had better luck but I left it too late. Anyway, there were lots of other bush flowers and loads of birds so I was happy, what a nice way to end the day, wandering around the bush until the cicadas and crickets went to sleep.


The powerline reserve next to Black Mountain – the lines are so compelling to draw your eye into the photo