Canberra Day 73

[Wednesday 23rd November, 2016]

I didn’t get out and about today, a bit of a catching up day sitting on the couch. I repacked my weekly medicine box and was surprised to find that I’d run out of one of my tablets. Well capsules actually but you know what I mean. I’d carefully checked all of my scripts before I left Melbourne to make sure that I had enough repeats until I got home, but must have slipped up somewhere. I didn’t want to have to get a new GP up here; I like my doctors in Melbourne and having to explain the whole story over again to a new doctor up here didn’t fill me with joy! But now I had to make an appointment with a new doctor and sort that out. And then, bonus! I got the script dispensed at the lovely Capital Chemist in Dickson and I reached the calendar year safety net amount of $1474! Now instead of the cost of my scripts being capped at the general price of $38.30, every script dispensed til the end of the year that is subsidised on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) will be capped at $6.30! That’s going to make a big difference.

Then some groceries, some blogging, a load of washing, a load of dishes and some Facebook posting of my bird photos as well as asking for help with some ID questions from our NZ trip and from Canberra. It’s brilliant having these Facebook groups; the people are so experienced and helpful, and they always sort me out. On the down side they are private so the rest of you don’t get to see the photos. And that was about it for the day! The study meeting and the day was done.


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