Canberra Day 75

[Friday 25th November, 2016]

Every week I start my Friday with a weigh in. I have since 2012 and I will regardless. It’s just something that makes me feel that in control of my weight, even if that isn’t the case. But my weight has been stable now for a good while and even coming down slightly. I don’t get very excited about small changes until they’ve been consistent but you know, it’s still nice.

The aim of the day was to go back to the National Portrait Gallery for the guided tour at 11.30am. I’d done the guided tour of the main exhibit but was keen to check out the regular features, but its always better with a guide rather than by yourself. It saves a lot of reading and gives you some insider information and a better understanding of why certain pieces are kept in the gallery. So I was there on time for a change and set off with the group. As a by-the-by I’m always impressed with foreign visitors for their good grasp of English! We were so lazy in South America learning a bare minimum, if that, of Spanish and these people can take in a guided tour about art! Amazing.

So first off we took in the new Quentin Price portrait that had been hanging in the Gallery for just 2 hours, and was awaiting a press conference with Michael Stavros the artist, George Brandis the politician for the arts, museum director, a lady called Helen who had some official role, and all of it happening on White Ribbon Day in recognition of all the work that Quentin has done in her time as chair of the commission into domestic violence. A truly beautiful art work and very like the lady herself. We also took in Nancy Wakefield, an Australian war hero in France who was essential in taking intelligence back and forth across enemy lines, often on her bicycle, and led 7500 paratroops into France; what a woman! Apparently a typical storyteller in that some things are embellished, but enough can be verified to confirm her as a hero. There were several more which were all interesting, and then back to Quentin Bryce’s portrait for the press conference.


The lovely Quentin Bryce, her beautiful portrait, the artist, George Brandis politician, and the media gaggle

Then on to Old Parliament House which I have to say is one of the highlights so far! For $2 entry fee you get the most amazing experience. A gallery of cartoons about political life as a bonus feature, lovely green gardens with roses and so many rooms set up just as they would have been back in the day with awful colour schemes, full roof to floor wood panelling, sets of parliamentary encyclopedias, old dial up phones, Bakelight radios, shag rugs…oh just the works! You have to go! So many great rooms: the Prime Minister’s rooms, the whip’s room, the opposition offices, and many more unexpected features. The history, the overhead commentary in the sound quality of the day, old movies on old box TVs and just a great shrine to what was. Highly recommended.

Here is a typical event for me, unfortunately. I didn’t complete my mandatory 40 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) for the CPD year October 2014 to September 2015, owing to not being working and forgetting all about it during the whole nervous breakdown thing at home! I only managed to complete the 2013/2014 requirement due to the massive amount of CPD I did at the beginning of my job at the Alfred in October 2013! That was pure luck! Anyone, its an official requirement of my registration with the Australian Healthcare Professional Regulation Authority (AHPRA), previously the Pharmacy Board, so they take it seriously, and I had a condition imposed on my registration that I must complete the 40 hours this year, which I did. They made me provide a plan of how I would achieve the 40 hours, then I had to record all my CPD as usual, but then submit it to AHPRA for their review. At some unknown point they’ll get back to me about whether they’re satisfied with what I’ve done. Now I have to apply to have the condition removed so that I don’t have to submit proof of my 40 hours of CPD every year, and more pertinently, so that when someone looks me up online they don’t see that I have conditions on my registration! Vanity! That’s not the typical bit by the way. So it’s pretty simple: print the form, fill it out, send it in. But we’re not at home so no printer. There’s an Officeworks nearby but parks are hard to get! Should have walked, but didn’t feel like it. So I drove past it and couldn’t find a park and kept going. Later on my way home I went past again and no park, so ditto. This went on for 2 days…until finally I got a park! It’s sad but true. Here’s where the typical comes in. I have to pay a pay card but have no change so back to the car. I load up the card with the amount I need and I’m good to go. I put in the USB, put in the pay card, hit print on the single sheet of paper that’s causing me this grief and both the printers are jammed! Wouldn’t you know?? I got that sorted by one of the staff, picked up my print, grabbed my purse and mission accomplished, finally! And yep, an hour later when I went to put some photos on my USB…I realised I’d left it behind! So back down there, miraculously found another park, got my USB back and back home again! Seriously!

Then a load of washing, folding up the previous load of dry washing, packing for a weekend away in Woolongong, even some ironing! That’s a sign of a good day! Why do I mention all of these humdrum bits of everyday housework? Not such a great achievement, really? Because they’ve been one of the biggest bone of contention between hubby and me since I’ve been sick, and still seem to be the hardest things to do. I mean there’s not much exciting about it, and it’s hard to get going. I mean its not exciting to anyone, I’m not suggesting I’m alone in that, but when you’ve got limited means, you’d rather do something fun instead right? So would anyone I guess. It’s just something that’s hard to get going on, especially when there’s so many other interesting things happening in the city of Canberra. But I got going today, got a few things done and its something to remember.

What a day! So many memories, and so much of interest and intrigue.

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