Canberra Day 76 and 77

[Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th November, 2016]

This is a weekend we have been looking forward to for so long! Since way before Canberra came up, actually, but since we are now only 2 and a half hours away instead of over 8 hours, let’s make the most of it! I only wish we went earlier, but hey, we did it and it was great. So on Friday night off we headed off to Woolongong to visit our friends, their little girl and their expectation for April! And a great time was had by all, or at least by us. We got there in time to sit up and chat for a while before bed which is always a lovely way to start the weekend. Then a good night’s sleep and Saturday for me started with breakfast and little Miss’s swimming lesson. This was actually great fun, cos she was so into the swimming lesson! She was grinning, and not fussed when her face went under water, and doing a lean jump off the edge into the pool, and really enjoying herself! I had a lot of fun watching! I suppose taking photos of kids in bathers is pretty taboo these days, but when they’re that cute and grinning so much with the fun of swimming, well, I had to take a few! Not camera photos, camera phone photos. I think a telephoto lens would attract some negative attention!!

Meanwhile the boys were out on a bike ride and hubby had to do some work after that so that general consensus was that the rest of us would have a recovery sleep. I thought it sounded too good to be true, but it came off! Little girlie, mum, dad and me all got in a really decent sleep while poor hubby worked away. I got up a bit before the others so I went for a drive around Lake Illawarra and looked for birds. I struck gold with a little wetland on the edge of the lake and got a whole bunch of interesting birds including a lifer, which was very exciting! Then back to the house and bathers on for a trip to the beach, North Beach I think which is just stunning! It was quite a hike along the beach to the flags, but it was lovely on the beach and the water was beautiful once we were in. It was pretty wishy washy in the waves with two sand bars and the water slopping between them but its the first beach swim in a long time and I really enjoyed it!

Then a quick clothing change and off to a lovely BBQ and salad dinner at some friends of our friends where we met their tiny 2 week old baby and little man, admired their retro cool house and sat around a fire in a drum in the backyard all night. We got smoky, our eyes got irritated, we enjoyed our dinner so much and the company was fabulous! What a night! Off to bed for a good sleep, but unfortunately it didn’t quite get me there and I was still tired the next day. All this socialising! I love it but gosh it drains me. So I wasn’t sparkling the next day. Off to our usual fellowship but of course all new people. Then lunch at our friends mum’s place and what a lunch! I haven’t seen such a Sunday lunch since we last sat around our grandma’s table which is too long ago! But this would give it a run. A couple that we’d met before were there so that was really cool to catch up! Another lovely catch up but by this point I was drained! I actually felt physically exhausted, like I just couldn’t bear another moment before going to sleep. So we made our way off, packed up our stuff quick smart and into the car. I would have liked a lie down nap but we had to get back to Canberra so a car nap it is. Hubby’s hoody serves as a makeshift pillow and off I go. Luckily hubby doesn’t nod off at the wheel so I can sleep in peace. Dinner at the usual highway-side convenience restaurant, home in daylight and we’ll be remembering this weekend with enjoyment for a long time.

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