Canberra Day 85

Well, this ’90 days of Canberra’ blog has really gotten away from me! Can you believe this was more than a month ago? Where has the time gone? I still feel like my feet have barely touched the ground since coming back to Melbourne! Three days at home, 4 days at Drouin, 4 days at home, 3 days at Phillip Island, 1 day at Geelong and Portarlington, 1 day at Williamstown, 3 days at home, 2 days at Ballarat and Buninyong, and now I’ve been home since Monday and its Thursday. There was also a day at Mt Evelyn somewhere. It’s been a blast! But its hard to settle in at home when you are here and there and everywhere! Now that hubby has gone back to work this week, I’ll try to get my feet on the ground and fully unpack my stuff and get into some kind of rhythm of cooking, cleaning, washing, bike riding, bird watching…actually not that different from Canberra, except a bit more housework!

So, did you even remember that I hadn’t finished the 90 days of Canberra? It’s been going around in my mind but I’ve spent so much of the summer packing and unpacking and travelling somewhere new that my mind hasn’t settled enough to write. Hopefully I’m in a good writing mood now and I’ll try to knock off some of this blog.

I debated with myself whether to even finish the Canberra days blog as the time drew out, but I said I would do it, so I will do it. Forgive me if I lack on the details of the day; it’s been a while! We are going to have more than 90 days of Canberra by about a week, but we’re almost there. The last two weeks in Canberra were a bit of a cram as I tried to squeeze in everything that was still outstanding. I didn’t quite make it, but I really tried! I have a short list of things to check out next time we go; yep, we’re definitely going back at some point!

[Monday 5th December, 2016]

A very important person in our lives passed away early this morning after a short illness so that flavoured the day and the week. It had come fairly quickly but as she was elderly and had a lot of pain we couldn’t wish her back as she was. But she will be greatly missed and her legacy will be sure to live on in the family’s hearts.

My day went on however with the National Library of Australia’s exhibition ‘The Sell’ and a free guided tour. This is a brilliant display of all things advertising across 200 years in Australia. It truly was marvellous to see the progression through time from the early days of advertising when the front page of the newspaper was not current events, but was entirely ads in British currency. Then colour and pictures came in, then women became the enticement to buy as sexy objects in ads, then women became the principal buyers for the household as opposed to men so there was an entirely different flavour. Then the importance of buying Australian developed and finally we come into the modern day. This is one of the most interesting and informative exhibitions I’ve ever seen and I went back a couple of times before I left Canberra.


Then I went to the Royal Australian Mint for an afternoon tour. I’ve been wanting to go for a while, but kept missing the tour time by going to other things. But today I made it, and I’m so glad I did the tour; as always! So many little interesting titbits get shared, and it really makes the experience more interesting. A terrific collection of old coins showing the history of money in Australia, some information on the latest coins and notes in Australian currency, and a look at where its all made, robots and all.

Then some Thai and tenpin bowling with our lovely brother and sister-in-law to really top off a lovely day! A tinge of sadness across it all but also thankfulness for having known a wonderful lady. And appreciation again of this opportunity to experience all that Canberra has to offer, footloose and fancy free.

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