Canberra Day 86

[Tuesday 6th December, 2016]

A disappointingly slow and unfilled day for a day in the last 2 weeks of Canberra! But some days are just like that and you just have to run with it. It was a rainy day all day and since hubby only has to ride 2km and wears his regular clothes to work, I had to drive him to and from work today. I don’t mean that I “have to” in a bad way, I’m more than happy to have a reason to get up, and to get up early and saving his clothes from getting splattered is as good a reason as any.

Since I was already out of the house I stayed out to avoid going straight back to bed! The early morning fuzz takes a while to burn off so it’s best to keep busy until same clarity emerges. So I had breakfast in Lonsdale Street, a street of excellent eateries literally 3 blocks up the road from our apartment which is very reminiscent of the Melbourne dining scene. We’ve had several really great experiences there, and this morning continued that without a doubt. I chose Elk and Pea and the decor alone was to die for, birds and street art inside and an eclectic mix of bits and pieces. And service!! Service is so hard to come by these days! People just grunt at you or ignore you or frown, etc. It’s lovely to find someone who smiles, says good morning, genuinely asks how you are going, explains the menu, gives you the specials and options, takes your drink order and comes back to take your food order in a timely manner. You may or may not know that I’m a Trip Advisor reviewer, somewhat passive aggressively, so I try to give every good restaurant the credit they deserve…and so on. Sometimes the food doesn’t even come into it. But in this case it did, because it was delicious! It was a variation on baked eggs except with corn chips, guacamole, sour cream, chorizo and the usual salsa. Yum!!


One of the elk at Elk and Pea

Then some shopping on Lonsdale Street at the uber flashy op shop, literally better brands than I have in my wardrobe! The window dressing and display in the store could be in many upper level clothes stores. And a browse around the excellent baby shop. I love a good baby shop with unique brands and interesting options; there aren’t that many around.

Also today I had a job offer! Quite out of the blue, but still flattering. It was from a pharmacist in America that I’ve connected with through Facebook, who currently works with a cosmetics company and it was an opportunity to be the first representative in Australia. It’s not quite my cup of tea, but if any of you readers are interested I believe they are still looking for someone; let me know.

A few minor bits and pieces of jobs involving texts, phone calls, house stuff, letters blah blah and then we ate out for dinner at Hopscotch. Yes twice in one day but its our last little while so we’ll treat ourselves. Besides it was a beautiful evening to sit outside and eat a nice pub meal: parma and chips! Delicious! One more day done.

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