Weekdays outing to Wonga Park/Heritage wetlands

Here’s a little glimpse into my bird watching world.

This is a birding report by my friend Diane, who is always excellent company on any outing. This is a typical review of where we went, who was there, what we saw and any specialities that we came across on the day. In this case we went to Heritage wetlands at Wonga Park on a misty, drizzling type of day and hiked around getting wet toes (in my case, need hiking boots), finding birds, and in my case taking photos.

I have to share this with you because in this instance, all the photos are mine!! YAY! I got published! Even if its in a local birding report, it makes me very happy to see my photos embedded in an official report to a lot of Melbourne and other bird watchers and photographers.

That’s the joy of bird watching with the Birdlife Melbourne group as opposed to the Birdlife Melbourne Photography group. Less photographers present, if any at all; lesser quality cameras and no fancy equipment in sight; more point-and-shoot type operators than DSLR skilled people. And the biggest plus for me is that my photos are more useful to the group, and comparatively better. In the photography group I don’t really stand a chance for having my photos noticed among so many experienced and professional photographers. Not that its all about me getting noticed of course, but its lovely to have my shots used rather than just sitting on my hard drive for the rest of my life. It makes me happy to see my photos put to use. That’s enough reason to celebrate.

Source: Weekdays outing to Wonga Park/Heritage wetlands

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