A bundle of cute

Sometimes when you really need it life delivers you the perfect salve for your issues. This is what I found on Saturday, a tough day in Daylesford. Perfect!


A walk around Lake Daylesford was nearly over when I found all the best surprises.

First was a batch of 6 Pacific Black Duck ducklings with a nervous mother who immediately herded them away from me into the branches above the lake. I was too slow with my camera anyway, but luckily as I walked around the corner their unconcerned father gave me one look and kept on fishing, and the calm ducklings went about their business too. Here are 4 cutie pies.

Then, as I kept walking, I found these beauties.


Half grown goslings with an unfazed mother decorating the lawn by the lake. Cute!

These Wood/Maned Duck ducklings were also super cute. And their parents are super smart, keeping them across a moat from all the lake walkers.


And finally, some teeny tiny goslings just to really soothe your nerves and make you feel good! I couldn’t choose just one photo so here are two. Also kept on an island by sensible parents.



And just before I left, the Wood/Maned Duck family settled down together, adorable. With Dad standing guard and the rest sleeping or preening.


Can you see why I love bird watching? It’s so soothing and when you find darlings like this, wow! Just wow.

And here’s one just for me. This one is called ‘Satisfaction’, finally capturing a decent Welcome Swallow flight shot. This gives me a warm, glowing feeling. The shutter speed was too low for crisp wings but I love the body.