About the blog

In 2013 in the midst of battling illness, at that time diagnosed as generalised anxiety disorder, a friend recommended the ‘100 happy days’ photo challenge to me. I’m forever grateful as this challenge helped me very much during my struggle.

It helped me change my perspective at the time from ‘how can I get up and face the day’ to ‘I wonder what I’ll find to photograph for today’s happy day post?’.

It helped me physically and mentally to look up and out instead of down and in.

It got me talking publicly about the struggle that I was in as it developed into major depression and finally into the correct diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and gave me an outlet for everything that was churning around in me.

And finally, and most wonderfully, it got me into photography and bird watching, animal watching, garden and tree watching and general life appreciation. Which lead on to a gratitude life class, a photography course, joining a birding organisation and so on until this day.

After the ‘100 happy days’ photography challenge, I felt a bit lost without it! Another person doing the challenge started over, but I felt I had finished with that outlet. Besides my Facebook friends were probably a bit overloaded with my issues!

Writing so much and so often had reminded me of my love for writing and especially writing about under-exposed issues and so I signed up for a blog class, and here we are! The blog’s main purpose was to document and discuss the challenges I was facing, but as photography has become a bigger part of my life so it has become a bigger part of the blog.

I hope you will enjoy both sides to the blog, and look forward to your feedback!

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