Danika in the Press!

2015 with Wheel Women

Lately I have been very fortunate to be able to advance my cause which is to help people everywhere increase their understanding of mental illness.

The women’s cycling education and advocacy group Wheel Women have published some of my blog posts, obviously bike themed but related to my illness also. You can find all the posts on their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

There are also photos from my She Rides course and rides that I’ve done with Wheel Women since then; I’ve given either links or dates that you’ll have to check out yourself, if you’re interested.


Australian Triathlete Magazine Aug/Sept 2015 – See it here

Excerpts from this blog, dates published by Wheel Women

June 8th – Beating the Weather

June 4th – part 2 of Bike Learning

June 1st – part 1 of Bike Learning


June 5th – Bridie O’Donnel skills session, plus roadside assistance from Peter Canny

June 4th: Maribyrnong to Williamstown loop with a brutal wind

June 2nd: Kew to Deepdene loop dodging the rain

May 28th: failed ride, Launching Place to Warburton loop

May 23rd: Woori Yallock to Warburton loop

May 18th: Docklands to St Kilda beach loop

May 12th: Hawthorn to Fed Square loop


March 17th

March 24th

March 31st

April 7th

April 14th

April 21st

April 28th

May 5th

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