Westerfolds Park

In spite of a grey day threatening rain and a brisk winter chill wind we headed out to Westerfolds Park last Saturday morning. We’d been out once in the autumn and really enjoyed this beautiful retreat but wanted to come back and see the other side of the park.

With our coats zipped tight and camera at the ready we headed off around a loop looking for birds.

The main sight for the morning was rainbow lorikeets. They were everywhere, barreling in between the trees using their wings as rudders, calling raucously from the trees, dangling from branches, and always amazing me with how their bright primary colours can camouflage so perfectly with the creams and khaki greens and greys of the gum trees.

rainbow lorikeets, Westerfolds Park, gum tree

Trio of Rainbow Lorikeets in a gum tree at Westerfolds Park

acrobatic rainbow lorikeets, westerfolds park

Rainbow Lorikeets doing acrobatics to find lunch

Rainbow lorikeet camouflaged amongst the gum trees

Rainbow lorikeet camouflaged amongst the gum trees

We also saw a new bird that I haven’t seen before, which turns out to be a Grey Butcherbird. On first glimpse it looks like something between a Kookaburra and a Magpie.

grey butcherbird, westerfolds park

Grey Butcherbird found in Westerfolds Park

And I think that this is an immature Grey Butcherbird but not completely sure...

And I think that this is an immature Grey Butcherbird but not completely sure…

Then a delightful kookaburra settled comfortably on a branch above the creek

laughing kookaburra, soft and fluffy

Soft and fluffy Laughing Kookaburra sitting on a branch

We found some beautiful Crimson Rosellas disguised in the green grass

eastern rosellas, green grass

Eastern Rosellas blending into the green grass

And another one up in the trees

eastern rosella, gum trees

Gorgeous Eastern Rosella high up in the tree

Always fun to see some common birds and get some good shots

australian magpie, lunch, hunting, green grass

Australian Magpie on the lookout for lunch

noisy miner, branches

Cute little noisy miner scraping its beak on a branch

We attempted to get a photo of one of the many swallows flitting and diving all around us – kudos to my hubby for getting some pretty good shots!!

welcome swallow, flitting and diving

Flitting and diving Welcome Swallow

welcome swallow, fast, agile

Another fast and agile Welcome Swallow

Again, have to share the photography credits with my husband who is a better photographer than me and was firing on all cylinders with his bird spotting too!!

All in all a fun morning out 🙂

Blackburn Lake Santuary

A great day out today with my hubby at the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. A good friend recommended this park for bird watching and wow, it was amazing! We saw more birds than I can show here, so many little flitting miniature birds all over the place. A lovely older lady was there bird watching and pointed out a few for us, most notably the grey fantail which was awesome to watch, dancing and fanning its tail feathers.

What a beautiful place, and I feel so glad that it has been preserved down through the many years of development of Melbourne to be a sanctuary not only for birds and animals but for people to enjoy the unspoiled bush and to see these creatures in their native environment.

We will absolutely be going back! Thanks for the recommendation, Jeanette! We spent a happy day spotting birds all over the place and thoroughly enjoying the clear weather, sunshine and crisp autumn day. Couldn’t have been better!!

Despite my tiredness and slowness and dragging of feet there is always something magical about catching a glimpse of each bird for the first time, hearing the call and tracking it down, or suddenly coming across it in the path, or spotting it high up in the tree! It really gets me going and speeds me on for a few minutes, gives me a burst of energy for a little while and distracts my brain completely from anything else going on in it. I smile, I laugh, I exclaim and all of that is positive feedback to my brain that things are going well! I’m sure it must do something for my serotonin levels.

Photo credit is split about half and half with me and my hubby; can’t take full credit!

For the bird watchers among my readers, please take a look at the little bird third from the bottom below the duck – I need some help identifying this one, can’t quite decide based on my guide book. Thanks in advance!!

flowering blossoms, gum tree, eucalyptus, eastern spinebill

Fabulous flitting Male Eastern Spinebill amonst the flowering gum blossoms

eastern spinebill, eucalyptus, gum blossoms, male

Male Eastern Spinebill in the blossoms with throat on show

rainbow lorikeet, taking flight

Gorgeous Rainbow Lorikeet taking flight

grey fantail, tail feather

Grey fantail showing off its tail feathers – hard to catch so blurry picture!

spotted turtle-dove

Beautiful Spotted Turtle-Dove

purple swamphen

Blueish Purple Swamphen stalking the log

dusky moorhen, rushes

Dusky Moorhen in the rushes

laughing kookaburra, eating, branch

Laughing kookaburra sitting on a branch eating something gross!

black raven, little raven, australian raven

Glossy black Raven – either Little Raven or Australian Raven

rainbow lorikeet, yellow chest

An unusual Rainbow Lorikeet with a bright yellow chest

Australian Magpie

Pair of Australian Magpies fighting to be fed bread by hand

beautiful caramel and silver grey duck

Beautiful duck with caramel colouring and silver grey top feathers

unknown bird

Help wanted – not quite sure what this bird is??

[Addition: a very kind reader has given us the answer to our question!! The bird above is the White-browed Scrubwren, most likely the south-eastern form. Thank you very much!!]

red wattlebird

Red Wattlebird as seen from underneath

pacific black ducks

Pacific Black Ducks through the morning mist

eucalypt tree, new growth

Fallen eucalyptus tree shooting new trees

pink flowering gum blossoms

Pink flowering gum blossoms