Queenscliff sunrise

All the benefits of this morning are due to a great suggestion from my hubby.

I’m away at the beach with my family for a few days and my poor hubby is left home alone working. When we were chatting on the phone last night I was telling him how I went for an evening walk last night and took photographs of the sunset. His suggestion: wouldn’t it be cool if I also got up and photographed the sunrise?

Why yes it would be cool. However there’s the fact that I haven’t got up for the sunrise in months! But then I looked it up and the sunrise for today wasn’t until 7.40am. Well that’s not too bad. However there is the point that I have to be awake, up out of bed, dressed and down at the sunset by 7.40am. Where would be the best spot to watch the sunset around here…I’m thinking from the Queenscliff pier. So I set my alarm for 7.10am and decided I would just see what happened.

In the end I got up just in time to get dressed and get down to the pier for the sunrise. Although it wasn’t a true sunrise; there was a lot of cloud cover blocking the view but the sun did peek through for some cool photos.

Additional bonus: there were quite a few cool birds around too!

Queenscliff pier, sunrise

The beautiful Queenscliff pier at sunrise

pacific gulls, dawn, seaside

Pair of Pacific Gulls bobbing in the dawn seaside

immature pacific gull, lamp post

Immature Pacific Gull roosting on a lamp post

silver gull, walking

Beautiful Silver Gull walking the ledge

queenscliff pier, sunrise, bay

Cloudy sunrise beaming over the Queenscliff pier and bay

swimmer crab, cooked, pier

Swimmer crab on the pier – is it just me, or does it look cooked?

granary, queenscliff pier

Granary on the Queenscliff pier in the morning

little pied cormorant, shed roof

Little Pied Cormorant roosting on a shed roof

common starling, autumn winter spots, nesting, eaves

Common starling with autumn/winter spots nesting under the eaves

pier, lighthouse

Looking over to the other pier and lighthouse

female, superb fairy-wren, beach

Gorgeous female Superb Fairy-wren hopping about on the beach

Brilliant male Superb Fairy-wren hopping in the sea grass on the beach

Brilliant male Superb Fairy-wren hopping in the sea grass on the beach

SIlver Gull frenzy over a school of fish

Seagull frenzy over a school of fish at sunrise

new holland honeyeater, bushes, chirping, jumping

Gorgeous shot of a New Holland Honeyeater chirping and jumping in the bushes

Juvenile Crimson Rosella blending into a bush while eating breakfast

Juvenile Crimson Rosella blending into a bush while eating breakfast

willy wagtail, prancing

Prancing little Willy Wagtail fanning it’s tail


A loud Wattlebird, just not sure which one, not fast enough to shoot its face

Pretty cloudy sunrise from the pier

Pretty cloudy sunrise from the pier

Starting out

This is the beginning. I’m writing a blog, I’m getting excited, there are pretty pictures and words and it’s all fantastic!!

White stone lighthouse at sunset

Gorgeous white stone lighthouse on a cliff at sunset – makes me feel peaceful and calm