Foodie Fridays

I love eating out. Good quality food, professional service, creative presentation, new food ideas.

I have to say that eating out was not one of my expectations of the She Rides Confidence cycling program! But it turns out coffee and cake make a good match for a bike ride.

Well, not coffee in my case because I don’t drink coffee. No I don’t know why, just never got started I guess. If I must have a social hot drink I’ll have hot chocolate or sometimes tea, but I quickly realized the shortcoming of matching a hot chocolate with a bike ride! Unlike a short black or espresso, a hot chocolate has a lot of calories and often outmatched the caloric benefit of riding! So my new approach is to get a cool drink; juice, small carbonated drink or just stick to complimentary water. Because of course you have to save some calories for the delicious snacks that most cafes hold!

We have been to a LOT of cafes on the many rides that we have done so far. Every single one of them was brand new to me, so here’s a quick list for the next time you’re looking for coffee and cake.

The Foodstore Café, Hawthorn: great service, lovely food, good hot chocolate and a minute from the Gardiner’s Creek trail, get off the trail at Auburn Road, loads of parking and plenty of seating

Richmond Rush Café, Richmond: inside the Total Rush bike store on Punt Road opposite the Richmond train station, have to take bikes inside for parking, yummy light lunch, snacks and hot drinks, friendly staff and bonus of checking out the latest Specialized bike gear

Kanteen, South Yarra/Toorak: pretty spot on the Capital City trail overlooking the Yarra River and Herring Island, plenty of space and bike parking, tasty snacks and drinks

Sandbar Beach Café, Albert Park: literally on the sand, looks out over the beautiful bay, a stunning café with plenty of room. Right on the Bay Trail alongside Beaconsfield Parade with bike parking, nice eats and drinks

Adeney Milk Bar, Kew: no longer a milk bar but has the cute old fashioned décor, delicious eats, but lukewarm drinks, not far off the Outer Circle Rail Trail

The Resident Café, Ashburton: Sitting right on an offshoot of the Gardiner Creek trail where the offshoot intersects with High Street, plenty of bike parking and customer seating, tasty snacks and drinks

Café Cirino, Williamstown: Cute outdoor seating, some bike parking, small selection of sweet treats, nice drinks, lovely view over to the bay, popular with cyclists

RiverView Café and Wine Bar, Warburton: loads of bike parking downstairs under the restaurant near the river, excellent meals, snacks and drink, large restaurant, friendly service but a bit slow

The Austen Tea Room, Essendon: cutesie décor from Jane Austen era, Devonshire tea and lots of sweet treats, quite small inside but lots of chairs outside, good bike parking

Wolf and Hound, Flemington: truly the home of THE best cookie sandwich in the world! Must try! Limited room, limited bike parking but try to squeeze in, it’s worth it, nice drinks, few other treats

Schwabs Galley, Williamstown: plenty of parking, smallish café but okay seating, tasty food and drinks, lovely to sit outside on a sunny day overlooking the bay, very friendly service

Bar Sur Loop, Balwyn North: gorgeous French café with the best vanilla slice that I’ve had in ages! Yummy drinks, enough room to park bikes, smallish café but should be okay for seating during the day, just off the Koonung Trail at Bulleen Road

Serotonin Eatery, Richmond: a fascinating idea of a café providing healthy food, education about depression and advocating exercise. Yummy food and drinks, plenty of seating and bike parking, lovely service, just off the Capital City Trail opposite Burnley station.

Hello Sailor, Hawthorn: very nice cafe on Auburn Road, nice food but the hot chocolate was dark and strong which isn’t my style, lovely seats in the window, good bike parking and seating

So, what are you waiting for? Jump on your bike and find one of these cafes on your closest bike trail!