Down on the farm: babysitting adventures

I haven’t posted any photos for ages! Ages and ages. So it’s time for some photos. Especially because these photos are just pure gold in their description of things that can’t really be described.

The expressions on a kittens face. The joy of splashing in dirty puddles while wearing spotlessly clean clothes, fresh on. Dancing in the living room. 4 year old selfies. And there’s so much more but I’m limited by my WordPress account space so I’ll try to pick the best.

I don’t want anyone’s identity other than mine to be divulged here so these photos are deliberately obscured. .. but I think you’ll get the gist.


First the setting; isn’t it glorious?


Heading off down the road


Hedging around, circling, then plunging straight into puddles!


Then abandoning the bikes and plunging in feet first! Unfortunately little one’s boots are quite a bit shorter than big one!


Dancing around and around to the programed beat of the pedal organ… simple pleasures


Everyone in? Learning how to take selfies, at the ripe ol age of just four




Aww! Be you a dog person or a cat person, doesn’t your heart just melt? Of course you can have another belly scratch! Or a another serve of tuna smush. Or whatever your little cat heart desires!




Why is he biting me? It’s not like a have him in a stranglehold or anything! Gentle, what do you mean?


Rustic charm to the max


I left my camera at home by accident for this trip! Devastating! But I was pretty happy with this shot. It was completely accidental that it worked out like this, just a point and shoot. But I adore how every part of the shot is blurred to show action except the face which is frozen in time.


Ah the country


Goodbye farm. Goodbye kids. See you next time!

Queenscliff sunset

Yesterday we drove to Queenscliff to spend a few days on holiday by the seaside. Yes, it’s winter. Yes, it’s freezing but it’s whale season!! I really want to see a whale! So I’m hoping that while we stay here on the coast I will somehow be in the right place at the right time and catch a glimpse. I’ve never seen a whale in the wild and it’s one of my bucket list items so here’s hoping.

We arrived in time for a late lunch and a nap for me. Yes I’m still napping but I’d been up early, been to the doctor, driven with the family down here and I was ready for some alone time and rest and relaxation.

I woke up just in time for the sunset.

I walked down to Swan Bay to take some shots over the beautiful water and was met with a fierce cold wind that goes straight to your bones! Wow it was cold! But I had fun taking sunset shots, even though my face went numb, and got a few bonus surprises. All afternoon I’d been hearing a train whistle and couldn’t work out what it was. Turns out it was a gorgeous old steam train! Tomorrow I’m going to take a ride on it; I’m pretty excited!

Here’s my evening’s work.

sunset, swan bay

Stunning sunset over Swan Bay

sunset, swan bay, wind

Sunset over the wind rippled bay

steam train, queenscliff

Queenscliff heritage steam train from the 1920s

steam train, station, queenscliff

Queenscliff heritage steam train and the old railway station

steam train, queenscliff

Heritage Queenscliff steam train at the siding

Queenscliff railway station in the dusk

Queenscliff railway station in the dusk

Dusk over Swan Bay

Dusk over Swan Bay

A flock of Silver Gulls and one lonely immature Pacific Gull

A flock of Silver Gulls and one lonely immature Pacific Gull

Quaint old stone waterways in Queenscliff

Quaint old stone waterways in Queenscliff

Lost and found

I started thinking one day about the things that I’ve lost since I got sick.

Motivation, drive, energy, work (not literally, I am still employed but not able to work), my figure, identity, etc etc. Easy to get wrapped up in that list!!

I took a walk yesterday and had some fun taking different photos and it hit me like this.

Looking at the things I’ve lost is like focusing down on the nitty gritty details and forgetting the bigger view.

red berries, green leaves, hawthorn

Tiny red berries made larger by zoomed focus

yellow daisies

Imperfections made obvious by close focus, whereas a larger view shows only the pretty colours

flowering succulent

Right up close view of a flowering succulent shows every tiny detail

purple lavendar

Trying to focus on lavendar blowing in the wind, a tricky job

pink and white berries

Pink and white berries brought into near focus

red rose bud

Red red rose bud about to burst, making the rest of the garden fade out of focus

holly, berries, prickly leaves

Zoning in on the prickles of the holly leaves rather than the pretty red berries

yellow, green, red leaves

Zooming in shows the new leaves, the green leaves and the dying leaves

red rose

Sometimes ignoring the bigger picture does give a better view…

pretty white blossom

Beauty in the close-up of this pretty white blossom

It can be enticing sometimes, getting wrapped up in the details, reminiscing, thinking, remembering; the view can be quite nice

But instead of focusing on the negatives and blowing the small things up into bigger things, looking at the bigger picture and seeing what I have gained is a lot more useful.

Time, opportunity, creativeness, hobbies. The bigger picture.

sunset, telephone wires, electric wires, gum tree

Suburban sunset: it may have lines and wires criss-crossing but overall it’s a beautiful picture

It’s something I have to learn, re-learn, remember, re-remember so that I can get the benefit out of it. So I’m writing it down and hopefully when I need it, I’ll remember that I’ve written it and remember where to find it and I’ll read it again!!