The Big Interview: Mighty Bridie O’Donnell

Love Bridie O’Donnell, and love her approach to getting on her bike – “no talent”, no problem, just get out there and ride!


During my trip to Australia, I was fortunate enough to witness Bridie O’Donnell throw down the gauntlet to other women cyclists by setting the UCI Women’s Elite Hour Record on 22 January. I was even luckier to catch up with her for an interview later. We touched briefly on the record but I was keener to find out what had driven a doctor in her thirties to become a professional cyclist and keep her motivation to compete at the highest level.

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What Is It Like To Be Adopted? –

This is a brilliant piece of writing from a friend about adoption. Every question that you’ve ever had is answered, and as a bonus it’s pointed out how wrong is was to ask! Share it far and wide, so many people need to read and understand this point of view! A brave, brutally honest piece of writing that just makes you want to give her a big hug!!!